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Polish Workers - engineers, waitresses, lawyers, doctors

Polish Workers are famous for their diligence and high professional qualifications. If you are searching for a good permanent employee or students for temporary/seasonal work, add a job posting and reach 100 000 users of our website. Use additional promotion options so that your advert is even more effective!

Kraj - pomoc

x Please note that in the case of jobs in Poland we will accept only job offers relating to Europe, such as e.g. those connected with European Funds, translation or interpreting, those directed at foreign sales representatives etc. Jobs from other sectors must be connected with working abroad.

Reach a larger number of candidates!

Pomoc - typ oferty

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the ad is framed, written in bold and appears above other job offers on the list;
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the ad is promoted on the main page of our Website, which increases its visibility;
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the offer is promoted on the most subpages of our Webpage in a frame with advertisements, is written in bold and shown above other offers, which are displayed in the frame randomly.


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